Tuesday, July 8, 2008

the joy of sun oven cookery

cooking in a sun oven is an extremely simple and profoundly rewarding experience. solar ovens work with absolutely no fuel of any kind...no wood, charcoal, gas, electric...nothing. nothing but concentrated heat from the sun. it doesn't even have to be a hot day to use one...it can be the middle of winter, as long as there's a fairly cloudless sky.

a sun oven consists of an insulated black box with a glass cover and some reflective panels. you can purchase a sun oven already assembled, or you can build one yourself. there are many plans available on line if you google "solar oven". perhaps some of the best ideas can be found at path to freedom website.

we have the sun oven brand sun oven. we never would have thought to spend the money on buying one of these new, but some extremely thoughtful friends insisted we take it in exchange for some work we'd done. turns out, we completely love it. we use our sun oven at every possible opportunity. here in west texas, the sun shines almost every day. on a good cookin' day, we might start baking a loaf of sourdough bread in the morning and have it with lunch, then cook up a big sweet potato pancake to have with the next day's breakfast, then throw together a bean and veggie stew, forget about it for a few hours and have it for dinner.

on a good day, i can't stop cooking.


Rupert said...

Incredible. I'd never even heard of a sun oven. Looking forward to reading more.

wundermary said...

Oh, that sounds sooooo good!