Thursday, June 12, 2014

gluten-free sourdough bread

this is the proper consistency for the dough - almost batter-like - gluten-free bread does not need to be kneaded.

if you are using a sun-oven: a glass bread pan fits very nicely inside an oblong black enamel pot.

this is what the finished product looks like - chewy on the inside, with crunchy crust.

My sourdough starter came from an old neighbor lady who'd had it for over 20 years...I converted it to GF by feeding it brown or white rice flour instead of wheat...I gave away the first few loaves I made from's now been going with only GF ingredients for about 5 years.

Here's the recipe for the starter:

In a quart-size mason jar with plastic lid with a few holes drilled in the top, mix the following:

A few tablespoons of starter (to get started, you'll need to find a friend or kindly old lady who is willing to share!)
1/4 C potato flakes (I use Bob's Red Mill, because other kinds seem to have preservatives)
1/4 C unbleached sugar
1 1/2 C luke warm water

Leave this standing until it bubbles a little, then put in fridge. Use not more than once every 4 days (it needs a chance to recharge), and don't ignore for more than 14 days (it will require feeding). Mark the date of use on a label attached to the jar or lid. Instead of making bread, you can always create a second jar of starter, to use for yourself or to give away! I use it frequently, so I have two jars on hand at all times so that I always have a batch ready for use.

My recipe is based on one for GF French Bread I found at Bob's Red Mill. 

Into the bowl of the food processor:

First, pour in all the sourdough starter in the jar, except for a few tablespoons (then add more flour, potato flakes, sugar, and water as per recipe above)

Then add:

1-1/2 cups warm water

1 Tb unbleached sugar

2 cups brown rice flour

1/2 cup potato starch

1/4 cup tapioca flour

2 tsp xanthan gum

1/4 cup buckwheat flour

1-3/4 tsp sea salt

3 Tb olive oil

3 egg whites

Other flours, such as almond, teff, or white rice flour can be substituted for some of the brown rice flour in 1/4 cup increments. I find that a SPRINKLE (not more than 2 tablespoons) of sorghum keeps the bread moist...too much and it makes it unpleasantly sticky!!

The dough should be almost BATTER-LIKE...add water until it is a smooth consistency, wetter than you would expect bread dough to be, but not as runny as pancake batter. 

Scoop into 2 glass loaf pans LINED WITH PARCHMENT (this is THE SECRET to hassle-free gluten-free cookery!!).

Let rise in a warm place overnight. The longer you leave it rising, the more sour it will be!

If using sun oven, bake at hottest possible temp. If using household oven, bake at 350°F until golden brown. 

I find that gluten free bread needs to cook longer (ie: a bit more golden brown than you think it should be) than regular can take it out of the pans and place it right on the wire oven racks for the last 20 min of cooking for extra-crunchy crust. You can even turn up the temp a bit during those final minutes.


Anonymous said...

Really looking forward to trying this, with your gf sourdough starter! I have kept it alive, so it should be rockin good. xoxoxo

Janry Moon said...

Wow. What a nice article you have there. I would love to try this one in my new gas wall oven. Thanks to sharing this recipe and process of yours Alyce. Cheers!